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Frequently Asked Questions

Transparency is good, get the answers you need to make your decisions - if you have any other questions or if you want to have a chat about your project call us.

Get in touch, use our contact forms, email us directly or call us to have a chat about your project. Get your questions answered and the process explained as well a competitive quote.
Work will commence only when the agreed payment amount has been received. You can pay by bank transfer (details on your invoice) or online by card through our support portal.
We accept payment by bank transfer or by all major credit and debit cards. See your invoice for payment details, or login to our online support portal to pay by card.
You can, if they are in-line with the original brief and work has not completed, there's a good chance no additional fee will be required, but otherwise we will provide a quote for the modification work.
Yes, depending on your hosting plan you may be able to make the upgrade free of charge, but otherwise we'll provide a discounted quote.
For most 'custom' websites, the 'Basic' hosting plan is the best option and provides great value. If your website needs a few more features like a backend database, dedicated storage, SSL certificate, more email addreses, then normally the 'Standard' hosting plan is optimal. For high traffic websites, needing dedicated resources we have a range of tailored options available.
Yes, just let us know to which hosting plan you would like to switch, we'll make the necessary updates, and your next invoice will be at the new rate.
We invoice monthly on 30 day terms unless otherwise specified.
Yes, we like rewarding loyalty! Every website you create with us after your first one, entitles you to a 20% discount on your additional website's hosting.
Yes you can, though we'll need access to the domain's DNS records.
On our 'Standard' and 'Premium' hosting plans every 12 months you earn 5 developer hours valid for a year, should you need additional hours we will advise you of this before we start work. The quote for the extra hours will be based off a 50% discounted developer hour rate of £60.
Generally minor changes are changes to your content, the text on a page, or images used, and in some cases the layout and design of a particular page or section.
SSL certificates secure the connection between a visitor's browser and your website, this is essential if you want to provide secure areas of your site to your customers / users. It also helps show search engines that your site is trustworthy and so enhances your search engine rankings.
All our hosting packages let you submit content changes for us to modify your website - once a month, this is a free service for all our clients. Though clients with 'managed' websites can update content directly themselves as often as needed.
You can, if it's during the creation process normally we wouldn't charge for this, but if your website has been completed, there is an admin fee charged of £25 per page. Though for our 'bespoke' website applications, the fee will depend on what functionality is required.
No need to worry, we'll take care of that unless you are using a domain you purchased yourself, in which case your domain service provider should either renew it automatically if you gave them permission or remind you prior to its expiration. Since we take care of all SSL certificates, even if you bought your domain yourself we will still take care of SSL certificate renewals and updates.
Yes this is possible, just let us know and we'll happily complete another SEO review for you. There is a fee of £39.99 for this service.
To update your website design and development requirements, please contact your dedicated liaison to discuss any changes and if neccessary agree to any additional fees for the modifications to be implemented. If the changes are not significantly different to the original brief, the sooner you let us know the less likely it is to have a negative impact on your website creation fee. You can upgrade your hosting package at any time and your next invoice will reflect the new upgraded service. To cancel your website hosting just send us an email and we'll make sure no further invoices are created. For website design and development creation services you can cancel your order as long as work has not started.
It is possible, and this will then negate the need to put a cookie notice on your site as well, but you won't get the benefits of using Google Analytics to analyse traffic to your website, and you won't be able to have a secure login area either.
Yes we do. And not only that, we'll link it up to your existing 'Cloud' database. So no data transfer, and no syncing data between two places necessary. Contact us for a quote.

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